Adam Field

Who says you can't beat SD? – October 2003

I Worked in Air Traffic Control for 9 years and never had SD. I was also working part time as a Flying Instructor and Commercial pilot.

I got SD 13 months after starting work as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher for the Ambulance service. Having taken 26,000 calls in that time and working over 260 hours of overtime, I was diagnosed with SD.

My ENT seemed annoyed with any lack of progress and after having 3 botox shots which didn’t work and much speech therapy, that was totally ineffective, he in the end brushed me off saying “You’ve had SD your entire life and you’ll never get better.” The first part of the statement was completely wrong and the second part is proving to be incorrect.

I got the impression that my ENT couldn’t be bothered to treating me. I asked the ENT about treatment overseas and he became a little indignant stating that in our country we had at least as good a standard as the rest of the world and that it was a myth that things were better overseas.

My voice, on a scale of 1 to 10, when I arrived here was about a 1. Today after 3 weeks of treatment it is about a 7 and steadily improving.

Adam J. Field