July 2007

Cured of SD by DVR

I began losing my voice a few years ago during a very stressful time in my life. I went to an allergist who told me that I probably had some sort of dystonia. He set up an appointment with a major medical university in the Southeast that diagnosed me with SD.

They said there was no cure but there were a couple of options for treatment, which were surgery or botox injections. I chose botox first for obvious reasons. The university told me that the botox treatment, at worst felt like a bee sting. It was actually the most excruciating pain I have ever felt.

After the first injection I completely lost my voice and couldn't talk above a whisper for 3 weeks to a month. About a month after the injection, my voice actually started coming back for a period of about a week. Over the next month or so my voice continually became more spasmodic again. I repeated this cycle with botox three more times until I found Dr. Cooper in Los Angeles.

Dr. Cooper introduced me to Direct Voice Rehabilitation (DVR). I have since been cured of spasmodic dysphonia and I'm no longer having eye spasms, neck spasms or tension in my throat. As a matter of fact, my voice sounds better today than it ever has.