Catherine Morrow

August 24, 2001

Another Cure of SD by DVR

I just spent the most worthwhile week in my life with Dr. Cooper. I was diagnosed with SD in August of 2000. For the past year I was treated with botox until I found out about Dr. Cooper and Direct Voice Rehabilitation. His methods helped me gain not only my voice but I feel like I have my life back. 

My case started out very typical of SD. It was a gradual onset getting worse towards the end of the day until I could barely speak. I saw specialist after specialist being diagnosed with everything from there is nothing wrong to allergies to acid reflux. When I was finally told that I have spasmodic dysphonia and that there was treatment I was elated. Although not thrilled with a lifetime of botox, I resigned myself to that fact.

The botox was very successful for me. After about year of treatments I started looking around on the internet for books about SD and luckily ordered one written by one of Dr. Cooper's patients. His story sounded just like mine.

After speaking to Dr. Cooper about my case, he assured me that his methods would be successful and that I could get off the botox. He was 100% correct! It has been a week now since my therapy and I am holding my own and am improving every day.

I cannot thank Dr. Cooper enough for my wonderful results. I would encourage you to speak to Dr. Cooper or to me about DVR. His methods work and he can help you.

Catherine Morrow