Earl Avila

As the speech community has no idea of your methods of voice rehabilitation, nor do they seem to endorse it, it will be a shame when you leave the field as there is no one, I know, who will be able to help patients such as myself and the countless others I’ve met at your office, talked to, read testimonies about, and have been told about.

I’ve met patients, in your office, who have been everywhere without help. By the time many of these patients end up at your office they have been to numerous medical facilities and/or professionals seeking help with their voices and are at wits end. I’ve seen them come in with little to no voice, not knowing who to trust based on their prior medical treatment, and with negative attitudes that their cases are hopeless. I know I’m one of them.

I’ve seen them make wonderful progress in regaining their real voices. Some progress very quickly, others take time. It’s my opinion that the ones who get in early have a better chance of making quick progress, while the ones who, by that time they find you and have suffered voice problems for many years (15 plus years), damaged their cords as a result, and adapted various unnatural methods of trying to talk to compensate for their vocal problem can take longer to rehabilitate their voices, however, your methods still work on the cases considered hopeless.

My case was considered hopeless and I have been and am continuing to make good progress in getting my voice back. I’ve gone from using an electro larynx to speak to using my own voice again. I still have a long ways to go, but, am delighted I’m making progress where I was led to believe it was hopeless for myself short of a voice box transplant (which wasn’t an option at the time).

Anyway, it’s a shame the medical community doesn’t endorse your methods and to my thinking a crime their not interested in learning and preserving your lifetime knowledge of voice rehabilitation to help other hopeless patients both now and when you leave this field. They do still hold on to their methods, which are failures for the patients I’ve met in your office who have tried them with unfavorable results.

Thanks for the voice help,
Earl Avila