Gerald Harsen

March 19, 1998

Gerald Harsen had 19 Botox shots for his severe Spasmodic Dysphonia condition before undergoing a program of Direct Voice Rehabilitation. None of the Botox shots worked.

Dear Dr. Cooper:

The purpose of this letter is to provide you with testimony about my personal experience with abductor spasmodic dysphonia. You have my permission to reproduce it and use it in any way you believe to be appropriate as an aid in helping others with this condition.

My condition was diagnosed in January 1989. It was then confirmed by several additional physicians and specialists, and I subsequently began the recommended treatment of botulinurn toxin injections later that year. I continued to receive approximately three or four injections per year until November 1994. These injections provided neither a temporary, nor permanent benefit. Even if they had become beneficial, I was concerned about the long term effects of botulinurn toxin and about the prospects of continuing the painful, expensive injections over the balance of my lifetime.

When I heard about your direct voice rehabilitation successes late in 1994 1 knew that it may hold the promise of a permanent recovery of my voice. I then made a commitment to travel to Los Angeles and enroll in your program. My Spring 1995 stay lasted four consecutive weeks during which I worked intensely under your supervision and care for 41 hours per week.

The diligent application of the techniques taught by you during those four weeks has allowed me to achieve a good, and continually improving, quality of speech. Talking today still requires a conscious, affirmative effort, and I do eventually tire during the day due to the extensive use of my voice in my business. I have also not yet reached the high quality of voice enjoyed prior to the 1989 diagnoses of spasmodic dysphonia. But, the improvement in my voice from March 1995 until today has been miraculous.

Thank you again for guiding me to a natural and permanent improvement in voice quality.

Gerald N. Harsen, CLU, ChFC

Update: 6 Years—July 30, 2001

This letter will bring your records up to date as to my progress since my last correspondence dated March 19, 1998. My Spasmodic Dysphonia condition is now mostly a thing of the past. I can speak with relative ease and comfort throughout each day, and my voice improves further with each year that goes by. I have received no treatment what so ever since the four weeks spent at your clinic in March 1995.

I have empathy for anyone suffering from Spasmodic Dysphonia because of my own experience. Please feel free to refer any patients, speech pathologists, or others interested in discussing my experience.

I maintain personal records of diagnoses of Spasmodic Dypshonia from institutions such as Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, William Beaumont Hospital in Detroit, MI, and Loyola University in Maywood, IL. And, I have received Botulinum Toxin injections from Dr. Daniel Truong, Dr. Michael Rontal, and Dr. Robert Bastian during the period of January 1989 through November 1994.

Please call me.if I can be of any assistance in your efforts to assist other individuals with this condition.

Sincerely yours,
Gerald N. Harsen, CLU, ChFC
Gerald N. Harsen

Update: 9 Years—December 2004

Dear Dr. Cooper,

It has been nine years since you treated me for my condition of spasmodic dysphonia. My voice continues to improve as I frequently practice the techniques taught to me during my stay with you in 1995. I have received no treatments since that time. I am an agent with Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company and my career depends on my ability to speak well. I consider the time spent with you to be the best investment I could have made.

I continue to refer to you people I encounter with voice problems. I also welcome calls from those you consider to be prospective clients that would like to discuss my experience to help them understand what is involved in their recovery from spasmodic dysphonia. Please feel free to use this letter in any way you like to help others understand that there is a cure.

Sincerely yours,
Gerald N. Harsen, CLU, ChFC
Gerald N. Harsen