Marc L.

February 2008

My name is Marc L. and I am a 44 year old male who was diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia about 4 years ago. I was told by several different doctors that there was no treatment available other than (painful) botox injections in my vocal cord area.

Sadly, since to my knowledge (at the time) there was no other treatment, I began receiving the botox injections from which I experienced terrible side effects. I.e., I could not work at my normal career due to my voice not carrying the normal sounds which created confusion when I was assigning tasks to my co-workers. Also, the injections caused me to be and act nervous, and to be unsure of some of my decisions.

Furthermore, it interfered with my ability to think clearly and make good decisions in the field of work that I had previously been in for approximately 16 years and my personal life.

Therefore, I felt I had to (and did) receive 15 sessions of botox injections over the period of approximately 4 years. These 15 botox injection sessions were done at two famed medical centers. Despite having received numerous analyses and treatment from renowned medical specialists who I had been informed are considered to be among the top doctors in the world, I still had not been able to regain a normal voice. I had only a whisper voice.

Desperate for help, we searched for alternative treatment on the internet where we found out about Dr. Morton Cooper's work in the field of voice disorders, etc. Dr. Cooper gave me a direct voice therapy technique that continues to work to this day. I have a normal day without being stressed with excessive: high blood pressure, anxiety and confusion that I feel was caused by the side effects of the botox injections.

I feel that although Dr. Cooper's voice training is relatively simple, it is extremely effective and overall, far more beneficial than botox injections in treating certain speech disorder(s). I have my normal voice back, no spasmodic dysphonia. I had no voice for four years from the Botox SD shots.

Marc L.