July 19, 1998

Patient was diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia by five different/separate Ear, Nose and Throat doctors and told his condition was hopeless. He has remained cured of Spasmodic Dysphonia for 20 years having used Direct Voice Rehabilitation.

Back in 1978 I began to develop voice problems. It's a pretty horrifying feeling when you lose your voice and don't know that you're ever going to regain that voice again. It's very difficult. Most of the time I had to rely on a pencil and paper because the people that I was trying to communicate with weren't understanding me. I was trying my best to utter some words and just couldn't. A lot of times I would just try whispering the words out because I couldn't speak.

I saw five Ear, Nose and Throat specialists regarding the problem and each time all they had to say to me was that they couldn't find anything wrong physically. They told me separately I had Spastic Dysphonia. I had one ENT say it was just psychological and there was nothing he could do. So as time went on obviously I had become pretty discouraged. A little later that year, a friend of mine told me about this doctor in Los Angeles who had helped him. He told me that since I had pretty much exhausted all medical help in the Phoenix area, maybe I should give Dr. Cooper a call. At the very first meeting Dr. Cooper diagnosed me with having spastic dysphonia and said I had a good chance of overcoming this difficulty.

In less than a year Dr. Cooper had me speaking again in the normal range. I owe Dr. Cooper a lot of credit. None of the ENT's were of any help to me, but Dr. Cooper put his finger on the problem immediately. Even though I was a basket case when I walked into his office, he told me that the prognosis was very good and his advice was to me was absolutely correct.

I speak very clearly today. It's been twenty years since I've had these voice sessions with Dr. Cooper and my voice has held up over all of these years. I've never felt any need to have any more voice therapy sessions. With the help that I received from Dr. Cooper my outlook on life has drastically changed.

Regaining my voice gave me a more optimistic outlook on my future.

So once again, thanks, Dr. Cooper.