Rev. Henry W. Sellers

December 7, 2000

To Dr. Morton Cooper:

This letter is in appreciation for the "miracle" you handed me in restoring the gift of my voice back to me.

As you well know, my voice is vital to me because, being a Baptist minister, my vocation is totally surrounded by an urgent need to communicate to people. In the late 1980's, I found myself seriously struggling with my talking voice. I visited all types of medical specialists and went through myriads of tests, all to no avail. I even visited a prominent vocal therapist in Santa Monica and finally ended up at UCI Medical Center in Orange, CA, and received a Botox shot. This resulted in my losing my voice, totally, for almost a year.

As I drew near to forsaking the struggle, I was at the UCLA Medical Center where the doctor wanted to give me an immediate Botox shot, which I declined. I shared the fact that I believed my condition, diagnosed by them as Spastic Dysphonia, was a physical problem not a neurological one, and that a good vocal therapist could help me overcome it. The result was that he referred me to you. You helped me regain my voice the first session. (Which received a standing ovation at my church.)

The subsequent therapy totally restored my ability to talk and people going through the problem that I encountered can hardly believe that I ever had Spastic Dysphonia.

So I want to report to you a cure from Spastic Dysphonia.mine! Please feel free to share this testimony to anyone that needs hope or proof of cure. Thank you for making me come alive again.

God bless you,

Rev. Henry W. Sellers
Pastor of First Baptist Church
12881 Newport Avenue
Tustin, CA 92780