Dr. Cooper has solved the medical spasmodic mystery by a simple and unique voice solution called Direct Voice Rehabilitation. He has been reporting cures, recoveries, and improvements for all types of Spasmodic Dysphonia for over 25 years.

Dr. Cooper has altered the lives of so many people. Read the testimonials below from his biggest fans—his patients!

1-Year Update

Dr. Cooper,

Thanks for giving me a voice that I was told I'd never get back. I gave up. I had severe abductor spasmodic dysphonia and couldn't talk normally for over 10 years. I now get compliments that my voice sounds 100 times better than it used to be. I really appreciate what you have done for me.

Building Contractor

George Beahan

– August 1st, 1995

5-Year Update

Six months after receiving three weeks of intensive "direct voice rehabilitation" from Dr. Morton Cooper, I was feeling fairly good about my voice. It was obvious to me that I was not completely cured, but my voice had improved incredibly. I decided to write the Professor Otolaryngology at a prominent Midwest medical school. Dr. Blake had been treating me for abductor spasmodic dyphonia for approximately two years, and had administered seven injections during that period.

Hi Dr. Cooper,

I was a patient of your's about 30 years ago. I was a basket case when I first visited you in L.A. I was very skeptical before meeting you, but after the very first visit, you were able to reassure me that you could help me overcome this disorder. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Forever grateful,

Kids Have Voice Problems Too and Are Cured

It was nice hearing your distinctive voice again. It's been many years since I brought my two young boys to you for vocal therapy, however the memory remains, since your therapy was so effective. You may recall back some 15 years ago, when I brought my two boys into the doctor for what at the time was severe hoarseness.

As the speech community has no idea of your methods of voice rehabilitation, nor do they seem to endorse it, it will be a shame when you leave the field as there is no one, I know, who will be able to help patients such as myself and the countless others I’ve met at your office, talked to, read testimonies about, and have been told about.

Dear Dr. Cooper,

Please add another success storymine. It’s been 15 months since my time with you in California. My life is so different now. I have recovered my voice and now I answer the phone, and have confidence in meeting new people and speaking in a group. I have a voice!! I am so happy…


To Whom it May Concern:

A few years ago, because of voice misuse, my vocal cords became very weak and when I would speak, I would lose ends of words and sentences. My voice was very much lower all of a sudden (to this day I blame it on the birth control pill). Anyway, I went to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor in Beverly Hills. I was diagnosed with Spastic Dysphonia and told that if I didn't get better, I might have to have a throat operation.

Ann Allred

– September 15, 2004

My name is Ann Allred. In September 2002, I started having tightness in my throat when I would try to speak. It didn’t happen every time I spoke but it did get progressively worse.

I went to many doctors and I was given many different diagnoses such as postnasal drip, throat infection and laryngitis. I was tested for allergic reactions to my animals. I was given Nexium and Prednisone for several weeks to rule out GERD.

I was completely frustrated by this point I started to believe I must have a mystery medical condition that even the best doctors couldn’t figure out.

For the last twenty-one years I have been the Cantor of one of the largest (Reform) congregations in the U.S. In that capacity I have had to sing on Friday evening, Saturday morning and very often Saturday afternoon services. In addition I have had to sing sometimes two weddings on the weekend.

It goes without saying that I have to be in good voice all the time. This is not always the case, I am only human. But I try.