Not With My Wife You Don’t

An ENT professor on the UCLA Medical Faculty in the Head and Neck Division referred his wife who was diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) outside the medical center to Dr. Mort Cooper’s private practice. She regained a normal voice through Direct Voice Rehabilitation (DVR). Today the UCLA Medical Center offers only Botox or surgery for SD patients without affording them the option of DVR. But not with my wife, you don’t. Double standard?

The medical profession treats a condition called strangled voice (medically known as Spasmodic Dysphonia or Dystonia—SD) by a substance called Botulinum Toxin (Botox) and/or surgery. The medical profession has never had a single cure of SD by medical treatment in over 130 years since Traube first described the condition in 1871. Medical SD theories include:

  • neurological
  • dystonia
  • chemical brain imbalance
  • dysfunctional basal ganglia
  • gene related disorder
  • psychiatric
  • disease
  • molecular biological cause
  • acid reflux

The National Spasmodic Dysphonic Association (NSDA) is given a generous donation of funds by Allergan over the years. Allergan is the maker of Botox. Why does the NSDA remain in denial of ongoing cures of SD by Dr. Morton Cooper? Why does a representative from the NSDA visit Dr. Cooper’s office to tell him he cannot report cures of SD if his DVR program is to be reviewed in the NDSA newsletter? Why doesn’t the NSDA tell of cures by DVR for SD patients? Why does the NSDA and medical community collectively advise toxic medicine—Botox—which amounts to perhaps four to ten shots each year and every year for life, and risky surgery and no cures ever without reporting serious side effects?

Dr. Mort Cooper has been working with and reporting cures of SD for almost 30 years by a process called Direct Voice Rehabilitation; he first described cures of SD in 1973 in his book Modern Techniques of Vocal Rehabilitation. Dr. Cooper’s SD patients have been diagnosed with SD by the best medical doctors in the country and at top-rated medical centers. Here are just a few of many cures of SD by Dr. Cooper’s DVR:

  • Over one year ago, the Scripps ENT Clinic in La Jolla diagnosed Ginger Chang, a young lady in her 20’s with Spasmodic Dysphonia. She was told that her condition was hopeless and that she required lifelong series of Botox shots. Within one week of Dr. Cooper’s intensive program of DVR, Ms. Chang found a normal effective voice and has remained cured of her SD.
  • Some 14 years ago, Dr. Arnold Aronson at the Mayo Clinic diagnosed extremely severe SD for Reverend James Johnson. He was advised to have surgery; he declined. The Rev. Johnson underwent an intensive program of DVR with Dr. Cooper for one month. He has remained cured of his problem for 14 years.
  • Paul Ward, M.D., former Chairman of the Head and Neck Division at UCLA Medical Center, and the current chairman, Gerald Berke, M.D. have respectively diagnosed extremely severe SD in various patients: Dr. Ward’s patient, Mrs. Whitman declined surgery. After undergoing DVR she returned to UCLA where Dr. Ward confirmed recovery of the normal voice which remains normal 10 years after DVR.
  • Dr. Gerald Berke, Chairman of UCLA Head and Neck Division, diagnosed Gayle Pace with severe abductor and adductor SD. She declined Botox and surgery treatments. Within one month of Dr. Cooper’s DVR, Mrs. Pace remains cured 10 years.
  • Reverend Henry Sellers was diagnosed with “Focal Laryngeal Dystonia” by Dr. Gerald Berke. Reverend Sellers declined Botox from Dr. Berke. After one Botox shot from a well-known ENT, his voice was impaired for almost a year. Dr. Cooper worked with the minister by DVR. He is cured of SD.
  • Dr. Henry J. Rubin, ENT, affiliated with UCLA Medical Center Head and Neck Division and Cedars-Sinai ENT Division diagnosed three SD patients, one with abductor SD and two with adductor SD. All three were cured of SD by DVR. Dr. Rubin says Dr. Cooper is the only one successful with SD by DVR.
  • Lisa Andreson and Don Matheson were diagnosed with SD by Ed Kantor, ENT, affiliated with UCLA Medical Center Head and Neck Division and Cedars Sinai ENT Division. Lisa was cured of SD working with Morton Cooper, Ph.D. respectively 21 years ago and Don has been cured for12 years.
  • R.B. had different ENTs diagnose SD. He was told his SD was hopeless. He found Dr. Cooper and remains cured of SD for 23 years.
  • Zelda Pollack was diagnosed by Robert Feder, ENT, affiliated with UCLA Head and Neck Division and a former Chair of that ENT group at Cedars Sinai; he advised surgery. She declined. Zelda found Dr. Cooper and is cured of SD over 16 years.
  • Professor Taffazoli was diagnosed with SD in 1973 by Dr. Hans von Leden, who served on the UCLA and USC Head and Neck faculty. Dr. Taffazoli underwent a program of DVR with Dr. Cooper. He remains cured for over 25 years. Another SD patient diagnosed by Dr. Hans von Leden remains cured for over 15 years.
  • Luana Hess, M.D., was diagnosed with severe SD by her ENT doctor. One week of intensive DVR and Dr. Hess remains cured of her problem 2 years later.
  • Denise Proudfoot tried four Botox shots for her diagnosed SD from Dr. Gerald Berke. She prayed for another way. She found Dr. Cooper. In a short time, she was 95% better by Dr. Cooper’s DVR program.
  • Sylvia Cheek was diagnosed with SD by various ENTs. She tried Botox shots, years of psychotherapy, four speech therapists and remained a severe spasmodic case. After suffering for 34 years with SD, DVR afforded this patient a clear normal voice within a month of intensive DVR.
  • Laurie Wolf was recommended to take Botox shots for her suspected SD condition by Dr. Daniel Troung. She declined. She underwent a program of DVR and has been cured of her voice problem for over 3 years.
  • Kim Engstrom tried 2 Botox shots. She was left without any voice. She tried a month of intensive DVR. She has had a perfectly normal voice for over 3 years.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) stated in 1993 that there are no cures of SD and the medical profession and NSDA insist that SD is hopeless. Why does ASHA guarantee hopelessness and despair in the face of ongoing cures of all types of SD by Dr. Cooper? ASHA ethics does not allow individual members to guarantee the outcome of any therapy. Is ASHA above its own ethics?