Spasmodic Dysphonia is Curable

Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) is curable. SD is not a disease, or a dystonia, or a neurological problem, or related to reflux acid cause, or molecular biology cause or chemical imbalance in the brain or a basal ganglia problem. These are all failed medical theories.

The medical profession has no cures of SD, ever. Not since Traube in 1871 first described SD as “nervous hoarseness.” You know why it was called nervous hoarseness? Because when you talk with SD voice, you sound nervous and should be. It is an off putting frightening voice.

Dr. Mort Cooper remains the only one in the country (and in the world) reporting ongoing cures of SD by a simple approach that involves direct voice behavior modification help, revolving about intensive training for one to four weeks, or more. Dr. Cooper’s cures of SD, and recoveries, remain proven and confirmed.

Dr. Cooper had published in peer review reporting his cures of SD in The Travis Handbook of Speech Pathology and Audiology in 1970, Dr. Cooper’s own textbook Modern Techniques of Vocal Rehabilitation in 1973, the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatry (IALP) in 1980, at major medical meetings including the Walter Reed Army hospital in 1980, and Cedars Sinai Medical Center in 1982, for which he was re-invited back in 1990.

Cooper presented SD cures at the Pacific Voice Conference in 1998, among other presentations. Dr. Cooper has presented his cures and recoveries from SD at the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) nationally dating back to 1974, 1979, 1980, and 2000 (for three hours in Washington, DC.) Dr. Cooper has presented cures and recoveries from SD in the California Speech-Language and Hearing society (CSHA) four times covering a span of time from 1970 on.

Dr. Cooper presented cures and recoveries from various voice problems indicating that SD is developmental in nature, that bad and raspy voices lead to SD, and that SD is simply a bad voice habit, not a medical or neurological problem.

Today, medicine believes and insists that SD is hopeless. Medicine has never had one single cure of SD since Traube first described the condition in 1871. Trust medicine? No cures ever?

Perhaps you might consider seeing Dr. Cooper if you have a bad raspy voice and or strangled voice which simply won’t go away. You are told that reflux acid causes your bad raspy and SD condition.

Dr. Cooper doesn’t find reflux acid to cause bad raspy and SD voices save now and then, so minimally the problem of reflux acid causing bad and raspy voices and SD is without issue. You are talking wrong, and don’t know it. You are using your voice wrong and don’t know it.

Medicine isn’t trained in directing you to a right voice, and a change of wrong voice habit. Speech therapy has no cures of SD, ever. Dr. Cooper’s Direct Voice Rehabilitation has ongoing cures of SD and a fantastic record of successes with bad and raspy voices, in peer review publications, in medical and scientific publications, and in educational journals for over thirty-five years

If you suffer SD and aren’t finding the help you want from medical help, Botox, reflux, or surgery, why not consult Dr. Cooper and see if his view, and findings that bad and raspy voices lead to SD, and that SD is simply a bad voice habit, makes sense to you?

It makes sense to those who suffered bad and raspy voices, and SD. Dr. Cooper has a number of cures of SD, and recoveries and at one top medical center alone reports fifteen cures and recoveries of SD diagnosed as SD at UCLA Medical Center’s Head and Neck Division. The UCLA Medical Center is considered to be the best in the west.

Medicine and its allies seek desperately to silence Dr. Cooper’s successes, cures, and recoveries from bad and raspy leading to strangled voices (spasmodic dysphonia). There is lots of money in Botox injections for life, four to ten times a year or more, for life. There is lots of money for drug companies selling reflux acid drugs ongoing for bad raspy and strangled voices. But do reflux drugs and Botox cure your bad raspy and strangled voice?

Not from what Dr. Cooper finds clinically. Ongoing responses by those taking reflux drugs for bad and raspy voices and strangled voices do not verify or support the medical theory and drug views that bad and raspy and strangled voices are related and due to reflux acid.

Botox is sold by drug companies as though SD and bad and raspy voices are related to some outer space alien bringing us troubled voices. Dr. Cooper scoffs at theories sold to those with bad and raspy voice and strangled voices in the name of medicine.

Dr. Cooper remains alone in reporting cures of SD, and in reporting outstanding results of 98% with bad and raspy voices published in peer review in the Journal of Speech Language and Hearing in 1974. In his various publications, including the number one Travis Handbook and his 1973 textbook, and over the years he has been in practice, Dr. Cooper has reported outstanding successes for troubled voices by his Direct Voice Rehabilitation (DVR) program.

Dr. Cooper’s Ph.D. is from UCLA, and his experience began with a period of years of experience at the UCLA Medical Center, under the chairmanship of Jack Pressman, ENT.

Dr. Cooper’s services at the Medical Center, and his findings that voice problems are related to wrong voice use and abuse has been proven by his peer review publications in medical, scientific and educational publications, and his commentary by Dr. Lee Travis, one of the five founders of ASHA.

Travis included a chapter by Cooper in his number one handbook, The Travis Handbook of Speech Pathology and Audiology.Travis praised Cooper’s chapter as beautiful and one of the best two chapters out of fifty. Travis also wrote that “Cooper is the best in the business.”

Jack Pressman, ENT Chair under whom Cooper served for years, wrote, “To the best speech pathologist I know Morton Cooper!!”

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) in 1979 honored Dr. Cooper with a plaque saying “In recognition of a significant contribution to the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and to the profession of speech pathology and audiology”.

Countless patients have benefited from Dr. Cooper’s hands on Direct Voice Rehabilitation (DVR) giving them back their failing and troubled voices from strangled, bad and raspy voices. Dr. Cooper’s DVR program for SD reports ongoing cures of SD. It is one against all. One lone doctor against all medicine.

It was true with Semmelweiss. In 1847, Dr. Ignaz Semmelweiss, a physician in a Vienna hospital, discovered that fatal infections were spread among patients by doctors who failed to wash their hands between examinations. Semmelweiss immediately instituted a disinfecting procedure whereby physicians were required to wash in a chloride of lime solution after autopsies and with soap and water between patient visits. Doctors also had to change into clean lab coats before examining patients. (read full article)

Semmelweiss lectured publicly about his results in 1850, but the reception by the medical community was cold, if not hostile. His observations went against the current scientific opinion of the time, which blamed diseases (among other quite odd causes) on an imbalance of the basical “humours” in the body.

His superior at the Hospital tried to suppress his ideas for egoistic reasons. It was also argued that even if his findings were correct, washing one’s hands each time before treating a pregnant woman, as Semmelweis advised, would be too much work. Nor were doctors eager to admit that they had caused so many deaths; indeed, they tended to claim that their profession was one divinely blessed and thus their hands could not be dirty.

Semmelweis spent 14 years developing his ideas and lobbying for their acceptance, culminating in a book he wrote in 1861, after introducing and verifying the practical success of his methods. The book received poor reviews, and he responded with polemic.

Medicine today favors Botox and reflux acid drugs that do not provide one single cure of SD ever.

Dr. Cooper’s DVR program finds that strangled voices stem from bad and raspy voice use progressing to SD, and other incapacitating voice disorders, has a program of direct voice behavior modification in place to deal with voice problems such as the strangled voice, bad and raspy voices.

Dr. Cooper’s cures and recoveries from SD remains the only proven approach to SD for ongoing cures from SD, and provides extensive proof that bad and raspy voices lead to SD. Botox and surgery do not cure. Medicine guarantees no cures. Dr. Cooper doesn’t guarantee cures. He simply reports ongoing cures. Botox, surgery, and speech therapy do not cure because none of these approaches go to the root cause of SD, that SD is due simply and plainly to bad voice habits ending in SD.

If you are not finding the answer and outcome you care and want for your troubled and failing voice, be it bad and raspy voice or SD or unilateral cord paralysis or bowed vocal cords, look to Dr. Cooper’s one of a kind approach to SD and bad and raspy voices, DVR. There is no risk with Dr. Cooper’s DVR program. It cannot hurt you. It is risk free, in contrast to Botox and drugs for reflux acid use.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger of radio fame sought help for her failing laryngitic voice at UCLA Medical Center. She was given a reflux acid drug. It resulted in a health problem. She was told by her personal physician to stop. Dr. Laura came to Dr. Cooper helped her find her right voice. Dr. Laura says, “After a miserable respiratory flu brought on two bouts of laryngitis, Dr. Cooper helped me regain my confidence to use my voice with power and range.”

Dr. Schlessinger’s case is typical. Patients with failing and troubled voices try the medical voice care approach, reflux acid drugs, Botox for bad and raspy voices and SD, and when it doesn’t work, may seek alternative care. Dr. Cooper’s alternative voice care has proven immensely successful for countless thousands of bad raspy and a number of strangled voices over the past many years.

Dr. Cooper finds that drug companies have medicalized voices, made our voices into medical cause with drug orientation theories without clinical verification in my office. Dr. Cooper’s DVR program helps strangled voices, and bad and raspy voices, to realize it is bad voice habits that are leading to and continuing strangled voices, and bad and raspy voices.

Dr. Cooper has published cures of unilateral cord paralysis in the Archives of Otolaryngology in 1968, and reports ongoing cures and recoveries from this incapacitating voice problem with outcome results numbering over a hundred.

Ear Nose and Throat doctors (ENTs) and neurology believe bowed vocal cords are neurological in nature. Dr. Cooper disagrees. Bowed vocal cords respond to DVR and Dr. Cooper has reported on outstanding results for this condition as well as strangled voices, and bad raspy voices, and more.

If you are dissatisfied with the help and/or treatment you are receiving from medical care or speech therapy, ask Dr. Cooper for help with his DVR program reporting cures from strangled voices, unilateral cord paralysis by non-medical help, bowed vocal cords, and countless cases of bad and raspy voices. Dr. Cooper’s DVR program is direct and it is so named as such in contrast to indirect and palliative or symptom care by medicine with reflux drugs for reflux acid, and Botox strangled voices for life. And no cures, ever.

Dr. Cooper’s ads were banned from the CSHA and ASHA for daring to tell the truth about troubled and failing voices due to misuse and demonized in medicine for reporting ongoing cures of SD. Dr. Cooper finds the vast number of bad raspy and failing voices are due to wrong voice use, wrong voice habits, and are responsive to direct voice help proving it by his ongoing successes with bad voices.

Dr. Cooper trained interns and residents while serving on the staff and faculty at the Head and Neck Division at UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Cooper came to realize that ENTs (those dealing with voice problems) lack practical medical training in cause and treatment of voice problems relating to misuse especially SD). They in ENT and neurology look to medical causes for failing and troubled voices and SD because they have no basic training in how to change a failing voice for the better by non-medical intervention.

ENTs are not trained to view and see symptoms of misuse and abuse, not help change the wrong voice to the right voice. Dr. Cooper’s view is simple. Change your voice, change your life by changing wrong voice use to right voice use.

Dr. Cooper’s DVR program is taken with making bad, raspy and strangled voices effective without drugs, and medical intervention. Botox may do wonders for facial wrinkles, but it doesn’t cure SD. It is merely palliative for life.

Medicine treats symptoms only with 4-10 Botox shots a year, each and every year for life. Medicine doesn’t report serious side effects from such care, Dr. Cooper notes. Reflux drugs for reflux acid isn’t dealing with why bad raspy and strangled voices happen, and do not change wrong voice habits that basically cause bad, raspy and strangled voices.

Dr. Cooper’s paradigm and experience on bad raspy and strangled voices is borne out by the ongoing successes and amazing cures he reports and the patient satisfaction and support given him by those who have sought his voice help. There is nothing wrong with medicine when it remains in its given area of expertise but medical people are not trained to listen to voices, as two of its leading ENT doctors noted years back (Frederick Brodnitz and Paul Moses, both ENT doctors).

ENTs are trained to cut symptoms caused by wrong voice use, to drug bad, raspy and strangled voices. They ignore the basic underlying and overall cause for failed and troubled voices—wrong voice use.

DVR is a program that deals directly with what needs be done for failing voices and has provided the documentation to verify that bad raspy and strangled voices and other voice disorders are essentially related, associated, and due to wrong voice use a habit that remains in place until a meaningful program of non-medical intervention such as DVR intervenes with ongoing success and cures of strangled voices as well.

Medicine, my field, ASHA, CSHA, and associated organizations guarantee there are no cures of SD. Dr. Cooper doesn’t guarantee anything. Dr. Cooper simply reports ongoing cures of SD for over thirty plus years. His cures are documented and verify that SD is not a medical problem but a problem of wrong voice use that can be helped with the full cooperation from those suffering SD.

The drug companies and medicine are allied today, Dr. Cooper finds, against cures of strangled voices called medically spasmodic dysphonia. He respects their views on SD but notes that none of their theories have ever resulted in a single cure of SD and Botox for SD reports no cures of SD ever, nor does surgery.

Medicine remains driven to medicalize SD despite the fact Dr. Cooper finds no proof SD is a medical problem save that medicine impresses SD patients with hi-tech but not a single cure ever. Hi-tech is fine, Dr. Cooper notes, but it doesn’t change a bad voice habit which is what Dr. Cooper finds is the cause of SD. Medicine will and does not come of age to realize they have the wrong paradigm for SD believing that SD is a medical problem, and that palliative care, reflux drugs, and Botox are the superficial answers.

Dr. Cooper’s cures versus no cures of spasmodic dysphonia by medicine and speech therapy. Medicine and its allies have no cures. None. Ever. Dr. Cooper has ongoing cures of SD. It is as simple as that.

Perhaps medicine and its allies might open its collective minds and collective ears to facing cures of SD and changing their respective mindsets on the cause and treatment of SD, and bad, raspy voices and other voice disorders.

Dr. Cooper doesn’t guarantee cures. He simply reports ongoing cures. He doesn’t imply or guarantee of cures of SD. He reports ongoing cures of SD for over thirty years.

Dr. Cooper is amazed to find that medicine, ASHA and CSHA and its allies guarantee no cures. It seems to Dr. Cooper that somehow there is violation of ethics to guarantee no cures when Dr. Cooper has publicly and ongoingly reported at medical meetings, and ASHA and CSHA meetings cures of SD, and wonders why medicine and its colleagues and the people providing Botox for SD and bad and raspy voices guarantee no cure in the National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association’s (NSDA) newsletter, where that organization gets generous donations of money from Allergan the maker of Botox.

Dr. Cooper has ongoing cures of SD versus medicine’s ongoing failure to report a single cure ever. Allergan the maker of Botox assures SD patients there is no cure thru its NSDA-supported website and newsletter.

Cures of SD are not what medicine today has in mind. Nor what the manufacturer of Botox—the leading treatment of SD—has in mind. But cures of SD is what Dr. Cooper has, reports on, and has proven cases of SD, and follow-up cures of SD to state unequivocally and without question that SD is due to the wrong use of voice, a bad voice habit, and with DVR—a simple but unique program developed by Dr. Cooper—the answer to SD with successes with SD that end the dependency of SD patients on Botox for life, four to ten shots of Botox a year, or more, each and every year for life.

Dr. Cooper is not opposed to Botox for SD. He simply asks why medicine and its allies don’t allow choice of treatment for SD. Guaranteeing no cures of SD in the face of ongoing cures of SD by DVR, for over thirty plus years, and noting that at just one prestigious medical center, UCLA Medical Center, and its Head and Neck Division, Dr. Cooper is able to report follow-ups of 15 cures and recoveries for SD diagnosed by its top ENT staff, faculty and affiliated ENTs, covering over thirty plus years, to substantiate cures and recoveries of SD prevail, last and are really SD.