Stop Committing Voice Suicide

Change Your Voice, Change Your Life

A quick, simple plan for finding & using your natural, dynamic voice.

By Dr. Morton Cooper

Dr. Morton Cooper, a pioneer in the study of speech and “voice doctor to the stars,” has a plan that will put magic in your voice. With his simple, minutes-a-day program, Dr. Cooper shows you how to develop your natural, dynamic voice—a voice that will influence others and enhance your self-image.

Many who rely on their voice for their livelihood have successfully used Dr. Cooper’s revolutionary series of exercises: Henry Fonda, Joan Rivers, Kirk Douglas, Anne Bancroft, Jerome Hines, O.J. Simpson, Diahann Carroll, Dennis Weaver, and many others.

Until now, communication’s most important tool—the voice—has been studied primarily by actors, singers, and public speakers. Change Your Voice, Change Your Life offers everyone the opportunity to have a star-quality voice.