Stop Committing Voice Suicide

Confessions Of A Hollywood Voice & Speech Coach

By Dr. Morton Cooper

From the Introduction

“The Voice Coach to the Stars.”

A publisher once put that tag on me, and it has stuck ever since. Quite honestly, when I first heard those words, I was a little embarrassed. Not only was it an inaccurate and misleading statement, but pompous as well. First of all, I do not work for the studios. Never have. Nor do I prepare actors for roles in films. Quite the opposite. I work to improve voices for everybody. I help people save their voices when they are losing them. It just happens that I work with some clients who are well-known, rich, and famous. The vast majority, however, are professionals and non-professionals, people who rely on their voices day in and day out—in the office, at home, and socially.

Along the way, I’ve encountered many fascinating people. And I’ve had many, many unforgettable experiences. Let me share them with you.

Dr. Morton Cooper
Los Angeles, California