Stop Committing Voice Suicide

Curing Hopeless Voices

The Strangled Voice (Spasmodic Dysphonia) & Other Voice Problems with Direct Voice Rehabilitation

By Dr. Morton Cooper

Curing “Incurable” Spasmodic Dysphonia

The Medical Mystery Solved by a Doctor’s Natural Voice Treatment: Direct Voice Rehabilitation

Curing Hopeless Voices by Direct Voice Rehabilitation or DVR describes Dr. Morton Cooper’s groundbreaking, clinically-proven direct voice treatment for Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) and other voice disorders.

This book is a journey through today’s medical/pharmaceutical complex, which has been using Botox, surgery, and indirect voice or speech therapy to treat SD. Yet in the 135 years since this problem was first diagnosed, medical treatments have not found any cures for this dreaded condition, also known as “the strangled voice.”

Medical professionals and academicians are humane, well intentioned, and compassionate in treating SD, but they are on the wrong road. Dr. Cooper is the only Doctor in the world reporting and documenting peer-reviewed cures of SD (in 1980 by one of the world’s leading speech pathology associations, the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics). He has also published extensively about cures of other voice problems by DVR.

Dr. Cooper discovered this remarkable, natural, non-medical SD cure after leaving UCLA Medical Center to concentrate on his private practice. His Direct Voice Rehabilitation for SD is a proven alternative to a lifetime use of Botox and also the only treatment that has provided cures.

If you have “hopeless” SD or a troubled voice, reading this book will give you invaluable information that could change your life.

To see cures of SD by DVR watch Dr. Cooper’s DVD entitled “Cures of Spasmodic Dysphonia”. There are many written testimonials of cures on this website as well as “before & after” audio examples of cures.

Talking Points from the Book

  • Only Direct Voice Rehabilitation has reported ongoing cures of SD for over 35 years.
  • There has never been a medical cure of spasmodic dysphonia.
  • The medical paradigm today believes spasmodic dysphonia is neurological, and a medical problem.
  • I find SD is not a medical paradigm, not neurological nor a dystonia but is caused by voice misuse and abuse and is a dysphonia (non-medical problem).
  • Botox and surgery create high expectations for recovery.
  • Botox and surgery yield inconsistent results.
  • Patients expect and want hardcore science and high-tech treatments for SD from medicine yet none have been shown to actually work to a cure.
  • Patients are programmed to doubt an alternative DVR to medical treatments.
  • Results of treatment must be measured by listening to patients’ voices. Do the voices remain normal and lasting?
  • Botox and Reflux drugs are simply hopefully palliative.
  • Implants, such as collagen, bone, gels, silicone, Teflon, stents, cadaver skin, etc., are intended to be a medical voice lift when a natural voice lift by DVR is available and overwhelmingly effective.
  • Cure of SD is a dirty word.
  • Faulty neurology isn’t the cause of SD.
  • I discovered the answer to SD by accident in 1968.
  • Speaking and/or singing incorrectly and using bad voice habits cause SD.
  • Failed medical paradigms don’t readily accept and even block access to new discoveries and breakthroughs.
  • Powerful political and corporate influences suppress non-medical cures.
  • SD is treated as a chronic lifetime condition with 4-10 Botox shots or more a year, each and every year for life.
  • Cures of the spasmodic voice by non-medical care is regarded as unacceptable.
  • The SD voice is not a medical problem. Medicine has not one single cure of the condition since Traube in 1871 described the condition as “a spastic form of nervous hoarseness.”
  • I have ongoing cures and recoveries of all types of SD for over thirty-five years by Direct Voice Rehabilitation.
  • Spasmodic dysphonia is not a psychiatric problem save for a case here and there.
  • Spasmodic dysphonia is not caused by faulty neurology, or biological cause save for a case here and there.
  • Neurological problems follow Mendel’s laws of genetics.
  • Biological explanations don’t explain spasmodic dysphonia.
  • The medical paradigm has difficulty processing new information.
  • Powerful corporate interests affects how paradigms operate.
  • My “Voice Stress Model” or “Voice Suicide Model” is related to Selye’s “Stress Theory.”
  • Without changing the SD medical paradigm, medical history is doomed to repeat itself, and ongoing failure to cure
  • Optimal pitch, tone focus, rate, volume and mid-section breath support are key variables in treating voice disorders, in a step by step order.
  • Psychiatric problems don’t basically cause spasmodic dysphonia.
  • Faulty neurology has little to do with dysfunctional voices.
  • Molecular biology, including acid reflux, has little effect on disabled voices including deep throat, raspy and spasmodic dysphonia voices.
  • Bad voice habits cause the lion’s share of common problem voices.
  • Direct Voice Rehabilitation reverses counterproductive voice habits.
  • Most patients want instant cures and quick fixes.
  • Failed paradigms interfere with adopting new discoveries and information.
  • Surgery and Botox treat hypothetical neurological and biological voice problems.
  • The strangled voice (SD) and deep throat raspy voices stems from bad voice habits causing disabling “wear-and-tear.”
  • Does Botox give patients back lasting, normal voices, or does it create the “Botox voice”?
  • Is Botox the world’s next penicillin?
  • Botox is a therapeutically diluted form of botulinum toxin.
  • SD Patients wait in long lines for Botox because they’re desperate for treatment.
  • High-tech gadgetry and diagnostic equipment don’t improve outcomes.
  • Botox injections rely on doctors’ clinical judgments.
  • Science becomes art when needle placement and dosage are subjective.
  • Science becomes politics when non-profits market for public corporations.
  • Botox is a voice roller coaster ride
  • No one knows the possible long-term risks of using the Botox voice.
  • The Botox voice effectiveness in the short-term is questioned by the e-mails, letters and calls I receive as well as my clinical SD cases.
  • Voice image and voice identities are essential parameters in Direct Voice Rehabilitation.
  • Voice image and voice identity can interfere with following directions in treatment.
  • Unresolved voice image and voice identity undermines successful treatment.
  • Pop culture and family background contribute to faulty voice images and voice identity. Medical approaches breed deep suspicion about alternative treatments.
  • Society values deep-throat voices in both men and women.
  • Deep throat voices in men and women can lead to voice breakdowns.
  • Physicians need to spend more time listening to disabled voices.
  • The Medical Paradigm basically attributes voice problems to medical causation.
  • Direct Voice Rehabilitation is based on proven learning principles.
  • Prolonged deep throat speaking leads to voice problems and voice breakdowns.
  • It’s necessary to deprogram misconceptions about voice problems.
  • Most voice problems are not caused by faulty neurology or biochemistry.
  • Quick fixes, like drugs and surgery, are no substitute for voice behavior modification.
  • Direct Voice Rehabilitation corrects counterproductive voice habits.
  • Voice Charisma stems from learning improved voice control.