Stop Committing Voice Suicide

The Games People Play With Their Voices

Why Our Voices Don't Sound or Work Right

By Dr. Morton Cooper

From the Preface

Perhaps it is appropriate at this time to de-mystify and de-medicalize as well as de-glamourize voice care. Perhaps it is time to empower voice patients to secure informed consent about options and alternatives to medical intervention. Some doctors are misleading their patients by seeing a one-sided picture of the voice problem. By not having a larger view or understanding of not only the functional or non-organic voice problem itself, but also how to deal with it non-surgically, some medical doctors don’t know what to do—and that includes some of the big names, the so-called hierarchy. But many of these doctors have had no real training in voice. When the problem is not organic, they often prescribe medications. These doctors may be actually contributing to the medicating of America.

Dr. Morton Cooper
Los Angeles, California