Stop Committing Voice Suicide

Pet Talk

By Dr. Morton Cooper

Excerpt from the Book

Pet Talk is a unique new concept, an entertaining yet informative “warm and fuzzy” book about our love for pets, the way we talk to them, and how we communicate with one another.

It is no secret that everyone talks to their pets. Few people, however, will admit that they do, and most are too embarrassed to talk openly to their pets in public. Why? Because we use a different voice when we speak Pet Talk. Yet it is when we use our Pet Talk voice that we speak more honestly, freely and naturally. The Pet Talk voice is a warm, loving voice. It is a voice that most people seldom use in their everyday conversations even though it is listener-friendly and would benefit them in all aspects of their lives, from business to personal relationships.

Pet Talk humanizes all of us, breaking the body armor that we present to the world. It brings us back to our sense of self, the joy of being a kid again, which lurks in our hearts. Unfortunately, that is a real fear for most people. The thought of having others see them as they really are, stripped of their tough veneer—their public image—is frightening. But that is exactly what psychiatrists try to do in bringing patients back to themselves, in making them feel good and knowing who they are. Pet Talk does that immediately. It is instant gratification.

Pet Talk will also greatly benefit people with problem voices, those millions who misuse and abuse their voices and present a sound that does not truly represent them. We’ve all heard people who talk too high or too low, too loud or too soft, too nasal or too guttural. And we’ve all heard strained voices, and tired lifeless voices. Pet Talk helps focus the voice where it belongs to bring out a true, natural voice for easy listening.

Pet Talk helps us enhance our lives by having happier, more fulfilling relationships with our pets and people. It evolved from many years of speaking in a special, natural kind of loving tone called “the Pet Talk voice.” Loving relationships with pets make such a “voice” possible.

Men and women who have used the Pet Talk method for improving their own voices agree that it is wonderful!

Pet Talk brings us closer to our pets. It strengthens our friendships. May the spirit of Pet Talk bring as much joy to readers as it has brought to me.

Dr. Morton Cooper
Los Angeles, California