Stop Committing Voice Suicide

Stop Committing Voice Suicide

For anyone suffering from Sore Throat, Weak Voice, Poor Projection, Hoarse Voice, Tired Voice, Nasal or "Deep Throat" Voice, Strangled Voice or any other form of voice strain.

By Dr. Morton Cooper

Is your voice damaging your career? Is your voice killing your personality?

This book has the secrets for voice health and voice power.

In Stop Committing Voice Suicide, Dr. Cooper describes widespread mistreatment of our voices while spotlighting symptoms of troubled voices and providing a natural simple direction to help the speaking and singing voices.

Dr. Cooper discusses his treatment of spasmodic dysphonia, including his recoveries and cures from this condition by Direct Voice Rehabilitation. He also surveys presidential voices from Roosevelt through Clinton, underscoring the importance of voice in presidential campaigns.

Other chapters cover the voices of adults and children, pet talk and stuttering.