Stop Committing Voice Suicide

Winning With Your Voice

5 Minutes A Day To a More Effective Winning Voice

By Dr. Morton Cooper

From the Introduction

In today’s high-tech world of sound, no other means of communication surpasses the human voice. Yet Dr. Cooper estimates twenty-five percent of all Americans use a voice too low in their throats and fifty percent use a voice that is too high, nasal, or thin, ruining the chances of success for many people. They ignore the warning signals of trouble ahead and go through life unheard and unappreciated.
Here in this invaluable guide, Dr. Morton Cooper reveals his step-by-step plan for success through correct voice techniques. Using his basic exercises, it takes only seconds essentially to find your natural, effective voice, then only minutes a day to practice to keep it. He discusses simple, direct ways to control the major parameters of voice, and thereby to have a “winning voice.”