Betty Cureton

2003 Update: 90% SuccessSeptember 8, 2003

Betty underwent DVR with Dr. Cooper in 1996.
Betty Cureton

I sure am glad to know that you are doing well and still helping people with their voice problems. I am very glad that you are now helping another person from Tallahassee with SD and such a nice person as that – John Paul Walters (see John Paul Walters glowing testimonial). Why does this condition seem to strike the nicest people? Is it because we hold too much back until we are strangled? Does make you wonder doesn’t it?

Well, sir, just want you to know that I think I am now 90% cured. I still put to use what you taught me in the intensive month long therapy every day. Maybe if I did it more and longer I would be 100%. I will call you soon so you can hear for yourself. I am so glad today that I spent the time out there and did not give up and resort to the shots. I hope you have made progress with the acceptance by the medical community of your voice rehabilitation therapy as an alternative to the shots. I can’t imagine taking the shots if you have this alternative. Please keep up your efforts and your help to all the many people who have this horrible voice problem.

Well just wanted to say hello and now I have to get busy on the computer to do a CMA for a listing tomorrow. I think prices of homes here are about to catch up with you or are they still going up out there? The market is great with these great rates.

Thank you for giving me the ability to continue to do my job by giving me my voice back. I thank you all the time and I am still humming. I have to hum before I make a telephone call but it is getting easier.

The seven botox shots at the Mayo Clinic seemed like putting a bandaid on a major problem but not a solution. They helped some but certainly didn’t seem like a solution to the problem. Every time they did a shot I talked to them about voice therapy and the Doctor said it wouldn’t do any good. This just didn’t seem right to me. When I received a shot it helped me talk a little bit better but I had a hard time eating as I always thought I was going to choke and I never felt I had my natural voice.

With Dr. Cooper’s Direct Voice Rehabilitation I have a natural voice back and I don’t feel as if I am going to choke when I eat. I feel so much better.

I hope you and your family are doing well also. Have a great week. Best wishes for continued success.

Betty Cureton

Update: 5 years

Dear Dr. Cooper:

Hope this finds you doing great. As you will see, my voice is improving but I still have room for improvement. My family and friends are constantly telling me how great I sound. It is so good to hear – after four years.

As you know, I was diagnosed approximately four years ago with spasmodic dysphonia by Dr. Bruce Pearson at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. This was after I had seen several Medical Doctors, ENT’s, etc.

After months of voice therapy here in Tallahassee and five botulin toxin shots by Dr. Pearson, I became very depressed as nothing was working. Your books that you sent me and the one week visit to your Clinic helped but I still had a strangled voice. The four weeks of intensive therapy is what made an impact on me and made me realize the importance of breathing properly; humming and raising my pitch. I can’t stress enough what a difference the constant Practice has made. As you can tell from talking to me there is considerable improvement. Most of the time, I am 75 – 85% back to normal. I don’t know what life would be like with a normal voice but I am going to continue to practice what you have taught me in hopes that I will have complete voice one day. I do feel that if I could have the ongoing therapy in your office, I would already be back to normal. Of course, CA is too far to come again unless I could stay for awhile.

Good luck – I wish you the very best. Please feel free to use this tape or letter any way that you wish. By the way, my voice as improved enough that I have already closed $6,000,000+ this year. I am the top producer for Coldwell Banker in Tallahassee.

Betty Cureton