Dale C.

August 13, 2012

Dear Dr Cooper,

Just a quick note to say a sincere thank you from the UK.

A few weeks ago I strained my vocal chords and ended up with a severe infection. The pain in my throat wouldn’t go and the feeling of lethargy wouldn’t lift, despite my local GP prescribing many courses of antibiotics and advising that I just don’t speak. For 5 weeks I’ve spoken as little as possible, sometimes not talking for three days. But my symptoms persisted… then on Thursday I found your website, did your exercises and am totally cured. Within half an hour my symptoms were markedly better. I feel great and alive again. I can’t thank you enough.

I often struggle with throat infections as I work as a school teacher and now I feel it is through not using my voice correctly. But this I feel I can now change thanks to your help. These techniques and your work cannot be praised enough, for me as I was loosing work and income and the stress of this was building. Now it is such a relief to be able to speak and work again and not be dogged by feelings of low energy and aching bones and throat.

With the highest regards from across the big pond,

Dale C.