Don Shapiro

2-Year Update

I had bowed vocal cords and a serious voice problem that lasted for over a year. I saw two ENTs. One in New York, a top specialist and another in Texas where I live. Both recommended a voice therapist. No surgery was recommended. The original voice therapist didn’t help me at all. I found Dr. Cooper, and by his direct voice rehabilitation program got my voice back in a few days. The bowing eventually disappeared completely.

Dr. Cooper does voices differently than anyone else, I found out. And he helped me cure my problem. He knew immediately what was wrong with my voice, what to do for it, and how to change it with my help to resolve my voice problem.

I had a great deal of trouble talking, my voice was failing, but he said in the first consultation, your prognosis is excellent. He was right. I have my voice back, and hope that if you have a voice problem and aren’t getting your voice back, consider Dr. Cooper’s expertise. He is superb.

Most cordially,
Don Shapiro