Father Bill Edens

Dear Dr. Cooper,

It is now well over a year since my last appointment with you and I can say in all honesty that you gave me my voice back for the long haul!

I have found that I catch the warning signs much more quickly now when my voice is getting abused again. Especially when I’m anxious, in a hurry, feeling besieged, or stressed in general my voice gets caught in the lower throat. As soon as I recognize it happening I raise my pitch and focus in the mask. Then as soon as possible I get to a quiet place and do my exercises (hm mmm one, etc). I know I should do them everyday, but when I forget to, my voice gives me instant feedback and reminds me to do them again.

Thanks again for your help, and if you can use any of this letter for quoting, feel free to do so.

God loves you, and so does Jesus.

Bill Edens
Father Bill Edens is pastor of St. Paul the Apostle Church