G. Ron

I have just met Dr. Cooper. I am here at his studio to express my appreciation for what he has done for my son and daughter, both teachers with voice problems.

Margaret developed a hoarseness and had to quit singing in the chorale of which she was a member. The medical doctor said she could keep on teaching but should whisper and use her voice as little as possible. For three months she taught, whispering, and the hoarseness continued.

At this point I got the name of Dr. Cooper from a friend in my church who had very extreme speech problems. he has, and continues to do miracles for Margaret.

My son also a teacher, had problems and the medical doctor discovered growths. He had surgery, but he still has problems. He is now with Dr. Cooper and is making good progress.

Dr. Cooper’s method works miraculously. I am a singer. I studied approximately 12 years, the last four in New York, but have found the secret by reading with enthusiasm and excitement. I am 82 and the last years my voice has seemed heavy. When I sing it feels as if I were carrying something too heavy to do flexible parts as in “Allulya” or legarto parts as in “Ave Maria”. Using Dr. Cooper’s suggestions, I have found the right focus which for me is the answer to my problem. It is miraculous. In New York I listened to Flagstad and heard the tone seeming to be tied together behind the nasal bridge in the mask. I am convinced she had found Dr. Cooper’s magic. It is simple, specific, testable and works.

Voice teachers should have sessions with Dr. Cooper. It becomes specific you are no longer fumbling around in the dark.

G. Ron