Jeff J.

September 16, 2003

Dear Dr. Morton Cooper,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! And your well-deserved testimonial from me.

Seven months ago I had a break from singing on a cruise ship. I caught a cold virus and just by a one in one million chance the virus slipped on my left vocal cord and paralyzed it and left me speechless and to say the lest I most definitely couldn’t sing which was my livelihood.

My ENT had no answers for me as to how soon I could get my voice back. I had checked with specialist all over the country and I couldn’t get through except for some secretary trying to schedule me three months later and I had to go back to work (SINGING) within the month. I was desperate and scared my livelihood was over.

After one month of trying everything to get my voice back, I still could not make a sound (I could only whisper). I had such a powerful voice my whole life, and to be left with nothing but a whisper, was extremely frustrating. I had searched the web over and over and finally I found Dr. Morton Cooper’s website…and there it was OVER 100 CASES OF UNILATERAL VOCAL CORD PARALYSIS CURED. I was skeptical but this was the first time anyone was boasting about dealing with it. And there they were, the TESTIMONIALS. All these people claiming Dr. Morton Cooper had saved their lives (vocally speaking).

My eyes tear’d up as I read through the testimonials, because most of them sounded like me, but there was one difference. They had been treated by Dr. Cooper and had their life back to normal. I ran to the phone and called the number to his office. Within a second I was speaking (whispering) to this Voice Guru (still skeptical) and I thought this can’t be a real doctor, he answers the phone???

My sister works with a lot of doctors and had run his name by them. She called me one day and said, Jeff, please do not see him, he’s a California guru! She had me call the head of the speech pathology at LSU (Louisiana State University). This doctor told me Dr. Cooper is the last person I should see, that he had these silly old equipment tools and wrote very simplistic pamphlets. So I asked the doctor at LSU should I see him instead of Dr. Cooper and he told me he wasn’t very experienced with dealing with VOCAL CORD PARLYSIS???

Well, that was it. I flew out from Florida to spend two weeks with Dr. Cooper. The first day he found my voice (although very low and raspy). I had a start. I did everything he told me and within two month’s an doing the exercises 6-8 hours a day I had somewhat of a singing voice, but still a lot left to be desired. Finally I remembered his emphasis on the light humming. Nu nu nu mim mim zi zi zi etc., and this brought my voice back completely by the sixth month. Now I’m talking and singing with a stronger better voice than I ever had.

The best advice I can give to anyone seeing Dr. Cooper is, DO THE EXERCISES, as many hours in the day as you can, 5, 6, 7, 8 hours. It took me six month’s. He is the Man!!!

I left my phone number with Dr. Cooper so if you want to call me I will gladly talk to anyone and tell them my story. Good luck.

Jeff J.