John R. Kates

30-Year Update

John R. Kates

Dear Mort,

In addition to the many phone calls you and I have exchanged over the years since I completed my vocal rehabilitation, I am prompted to express once more in writing my deepest appreciation to you for your marvelous work in assuring my complete recovery, some 25 years ago.

As you’ll recall, I arrived on your doorstep virtually unable to speak, despite several unsuccessful surgeries for vocal fold polyps. You explained that misuse of the speaking voice would never be cured by surgery, but only by vocal retraining and rehabilitation. Hard work by you and me returned me to the wonderful life I have now led for more than 25 years! Never have I had a problem since.

Mort, you represent the best in medicine in your chosen field, professionally, ethically and personally. You are a hero to me, and a friend.

John R. Kates
Stanford University Fundraiser