Joyce Kovelman

3-Year UpdateOctober 26, 1998

Dear Dr. Cooper: I am pleased to identify myself as one of your many success stories and case histories. As you know, I use my voice a great deal – as a teacher, a psychologist, a lecturer and so many other professional endeavors. Indeed, I depend upon my voice for almost everything I do, both professionally and personally.

Over a period of time, I gradually noticed that my voice was hoarse and raspy. I constantly needed to clear my throat. I did not have a cold, flu or allergy; nor did I have symptoms of allergy or flu. Still the raspy, husky voice continued. With considerable trepidation and fear, I decided to see my ear, nose and throat specialists, Dr. Lawrence Pleet. After a thorough examination, he informed me that there was no evidence of cancer or polyps. He did, however, recommend that I see a Dr. Morton Cooper for Voice Rehabilitation, since I was not using my vocal cords properly. If I were to continue on the present ? path, Dr. Pleet warned that I would surely damage my vocal cords and suffer severe consequences. Both relieved that I did not have evidence of malignancy, and glad to have some direction, I telephoned you and described my problem. You immediately recognized my problem, and assured me that you could be of assistance. We worked together several times a week over several months. At first, my progress was slow; over time I learned to maintain my voice and to project and use it properly. It is wonderful to be heard and to be understood.

Another part of my voice rehabilitation therapy with you was working with others who had similar as well as different voice pathologies. It became very clear that you were able to help even the most intractable patient, often after they had already experienced a long, arduous, unsuccessful course with other treatments. I also learned how fortunate I was to be referred directly to you by Dr. Pleet. I thus avoided the series of Botox injections almost everyone else had been subjected to at one time or another during treatment for their loss of speech. Sadly, the Botox treatment (Botulism Toxin) too often perpetuates the chronic cycle of voice loss and despair these patients seek to heal. It is not the miracle cure promised. I am grateful that I never subjected myself to such a debilitating course of treatment; especially when your less invasive ‘voice rehabilitation’ therapy is available and effective.

Fortunately, my voice remains healed, it is clear and projects well. I no longer worry whether I can fulfill a speaking engagement, and have confidence in the techniques I learned from you. Many thanks to you, Dr. Cooper. I wish you well and give you permission to share my case history and experience with other patients, specialists and the public. Please feel free to use all or part of this letter in whatever way that is helpful. I can never adequately thank you for the return of my voice.


Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D.