Keith Erickson

2-Year Update

For years I had problems with my voice. I noticed that after talking normally for 20 – 30 minutes, I would start to get hoarse and my throat would get tight. If I would speak with any emotion or raise my voice slightly I would lose my voice almost completely and at best be able to barely whisper. Because of my profession as a broadcaster for a professional basketball team, and because I speak to hundreds of groups, I was in a desperate situation. Over the years this problem continued to get worse until I could not go on without help.

I am thankful to say that I found you, Dr. Cooper, and much to my delight found that my problem was not as unusual as I thought and that it could be corrected without surgery or other drastic measures. After a thorough explanation of my condition, ‘a strangled voice,’ a program of exercises, and sessions of instruction and encouragement, I am very happy that this problem has been corrected.

Having been a professional athlete in the NBA for 12 years and having numerous surgeries both major and minor, I know that very rarely is there not some type of residual damage from any type of surgery. Because of the excellent results of your non-surgical procedures with me and many others, I thank you.

Phoenix Suns