Kimberly Engstrom

Dear Dr. Cooper,

In 1995 after giving birth to my first child I slowly noticed that my voice was different. At first I thought it was a result of the difficult delivery that I had and 20 hours of labor. Gradually it began to get worse and people began to notice. I eventually went to see a ENT and he said if it doesn’t get better I would need to see a speech therapist. Well, it didn’t get better and needless to say that started an endless search going from doctor to doctor to hypnotist to chiropractors to psychologist in an effort to get help. I finally ended up at the 4th best head neck and voice center in the country.

Again I went through seemingly the exact steps I had went through with the other therapist and doctors. But this particular place offered Botox, and I took the chance that it would snap my voice back into action, because at this point I refused to talk on the phone and communication was getting to be a series of gestures and hand signals.

The doctor concluded that I had both abductor and adductor and proceeded to give me two shots over two months. Well, needless to say again my whispery voice became more whispery and I was very discouraged.

I now was ready to give up and accept what I had all the articles on the Internet said; that this was a hopeless condition and I was never going to talk normally again. Until my mother-in-law gave me some hope. She saw this doctor on the Maury Povich Show who worked with patients like me. She got his name and I went to work to find him. I found his books on the internet, read them over the weekend, called Dr. Cooper and after waiting 6 months to see him because I was pregnant with my second baby as they say, I picked up the family and moved to California for a month.

My time with Dr. Cooper ended the middle of July and I am now again a speaking member of society. I work, I talk on the phone, and best of all I can read to my little boy. Dr. Cooper was everything he says he is and with a lot of hard work and a belief that this can be done, I feel anyone can benefit from Dr. Cooper and there is hope.

I had a talk with my girlfriend the other day who has MS. She is starting a new drug and told me that everyone said that there was no treatment for what she had. I found that it had given her hope that this might be the treatment for her and her time to find something. So, it’s nice to know that Dr. Cooper can give hope not just for people with voice problems.

Kimberly Engstrom