How I'm Beating a Raspy Voice & Pain in TalkingJuly 15, 2000

My problem started in my youth. I always sounded raspy and I could not carry on a conversation for very long without feeling pain in my throat.

In 1990, I had speech therapy for the first time and experienced no improvement.

In 1992, I went to another therapist who recommended an ENT specialist. This doctor’s diagnosis was a deviated septum causing a post nasal drip for the raspiness in my voice. He also said he wanted to inspect my vocal cords. Upon inspection of my vocal cords he found, and without my consent, removed a polyp. It didn’t help. My raspy voice got worse as did the pain.

In 1993, I went to a voice therapist and then to an ENT. She said she was not able to help me. The ENT diagnosed a bowed vocal cord. The ENT spoke of surgery, a Teflon injection, but I decided not to because there was no guarantee it would solve my problem. At this point I had given up and reconciled myself to the idea that I would always have a raspy voice and pain. I had seen four speech therapists and two ENT doctors. All the speech therapists told me to lower the pitch of my voice as did the two ENT doctors.

One day I happened to be changing channels on the TV and saw Dr. Cooper on Maury Povich’s program. Dr. Cooper made remarkable changes in minutes for bad to good voices for different guests with many very bad voices. You can imagine my excitement. I called soon after and made an appointment.

Dr. Cooper told me over the phone he knew what my problem was. When I finally met with Dr. Cooper he confirmed what I had always suspected. I was misusing my voice. He also said my prognosis was excellent. Within a few hours I was speaking with a different voice and most importantly, no pain! Dr. Cooper told me to raise the pitch of my voice.

I am very grateful to Dr. Cooper. To me his approach, methods and results are simply amazing.

I spent a week practicing on the right voice in his office to gain control of a better voice.

I was told by the speech therapists not to have caffeine, not to have spicy food, to drink lots of water, rest my voice and to not wear my belt too tight. They told me to yawn a lot. The raspiness remained severe as well as the pain, despite the fact that I followed instructions.

Dr. Cooper says I can have caffeine, coffee, tea, and water was not the problem either.

What Dr. Cooper does is so simple, it is a wonderful pain reliever. He knew exactly what to do for my voice. He simplifies and gets directly to the problem.