September, 1998

In 1985, I experienced a severe injury to my vocal cords. The physical pain was excruciating. The injury also caused a major impact to my promising career as a singer and drastically affected my ability to have a social life, for speaking felt like a tremendous effort. I had several odd symptoms; my neck muscles were in agonizing spasms.

The various medical doctors I saw didn’t understand (or believe) my symptoms and recommended palliative methods (lozenges, cortisone shots, and voice rest), none of which solved the problem or eased the physical pain caused by my damaged cords. I ‘found’ Dr. Morton Cooper when, after a couple of months of this lack of progress, I happened to turn my television channel one day to a local morning show. Cooper was describing the very symptoms I had (the same symptoms the other doctors had not understood or believed). I felt I’d finally found someone who perhaps could help me. I also found one medical doctor who believed strongly in Dr. Cooper’s methods and agreed that I should seek Cooper’s help.

It’s thirteen years later, and I can attest to the fact that Dr. Cooper indeed taught me how to recover my voice. Within ten minutes of our initial session, Cooper had me doing exercises, which alleviated some pain for the first time since the injury. That day, he helped me begin the road to retrieving vocal health. For the first time in months, I had hope. I had a way to truly heal.

My voice is clear, resonant, increasingly mobile, and in the last few years I’ve enjoyed being able to do voice work in radio commercials, interviewing people, and enjoying the ability to participate in a long conversation without being in pain. Many people compliment my voice; they have no awareness that I’d ever been injured. I feel very grateful for what Dr. Cooper taught me. I have recovered enough muscle control to enjoy performing some material again as a singer, and that’s a wonderful dream come true. I have even narrated a motivational audiocassette for people who are going through life challenges and in need of a caring pep talk!

For those of you struggling to recover from a problem with your voice, I can heartily attest to the fact that Dr. Mort Cooper’s methods work. It’s hard work, but don’t give up. I’ve experienced only two setbacks during the last decade, both occurring when I slipped and caught myself accidentally competing with sounds in a louder room environment, attempting to speak over the sounds without realizing it. In each instance, I was able to successfully recover from physical pain symptoms and regain comfortable use of my voice within a few weeks by relying on the rehabilitation exercises and general guidelines and techniques I learned from Dr. Cooper. Because I realize my vocal cords are vulnerable if I ‘slip’ like that, I remain conscientious about taking care to avoid environments where noise would be a problem.

Progress is directly related to how often and how consistently you use what Dr. Cooper teaches you. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and the pain does subside and can go away completely. Hang in there.

L. G.