Marjorie Whitman

October 29, 1991

When Marjorie Whitman, who had Spastic Dysphonia, recovered her voice by voice therapy, I sent her back to UCLA Medical Center for a phonatory work up. The results indicated her voice was now normal. Following the test, I called her physician at UCLA Medical Center and told him we would like to meet with him, so that he could hear her recovered voice and understand how she had accomplished this by voice therapy. I was told there was no point in a meeting since they could not duplicate my results at UCLA Medical Center. It is my view that if they understood what I am doing and have been doing for 20 years, they could also experience success with Spastic and Spasmodic Dysphonia. Below is a statement by Mrs. Whitman.

My sister-in-law, who is a teacher in Los Angeles, had cut out an article in a teachers’ magazine about a teacher Dr. Cooper had cured of spastic dysphonia. My symptoms were the same, so I decided that if she received help I could also be helped.

I came to Dr. Cooper’s office in October, 1987, in desperation. I was in so much pain from the top of my head down to my middle back that I could hardly bear it, and I spoke only in a broken whisper.

Dr. Cooper was like a light at the end of a very dark tunnel, after seeing ten other doctors ranging from ear, nose and throat specialists, psychiatrists, hypnotherapy, biofeedback therapy, psychotherapy, and finally acupuncture for the severe pain. The last doctor at UCLA wanted to cut the nerve to one of my vocal chords and I said, “No thanks,” realizing that would not be the solution for me.

With the many months of daily therapy, I have learned to breathe properly and to make the humming sound in the mask of my face. These were essential before learning to speak at my natural pitch. I feel that my speaking voice is basically normal. I’m now on a maintenance program.

I am thrilled to be able to speak everywhere without embarrassment and humiliation. True, it’s been long, hard work and lots of dedication to overcome spastic dysphonia.

Dr. Cooper has completely turned my life around. I’m the happy, positive lady I used to be before I got very, very severe spastic dysphonia.

I was told spastic dysphonia cannot be overcome by voice therapy. I have overcome spastic dysphonia by voice therapy. Dr. Cooper’s approach is simple and direct and conservative. Direct Voice Therapy works. I know. I can talk again.

Marjorie Whitman
Marjorie Whitman