Contact Ulcer, Granuloma, & PainAugust 8, 2000

I had been diagnosed with Contact Ulcer Granuloma, a growth on my vocal cord that made speaking painful. I followed voice rest for six months with minimal apparent results. I would not speak for weeks at a time communicating through sign language. Naturally, at the same time I had to keep on working. Quite a challenge if you can’t speak. My doctor’s ENT and Voice and Speech Specialist recommended as the only viable alternative, botulinum toxin (Botox) injections into my vocal cord. That was supposed to paralyze my vocal cord, painlessly thus allowing it sufficient time to heal.

After having studied the subject extensively and spoken with numerous people, I concluded that the process carried too high a risk. Supposedly, one Botox injection would last for a couple of months and take care of the problem. However, some people who had used the procedure told me that they had been injected up to 7 or 8 times with no apparent results or with the growth returning shortly after it was gone. More importantly, nobody could explain to me how this growth got onto my vocal cord.

Enter Dr. Morton Cooper. Through my studies I read about voice therapy as an alternative and had come across Dr. Cooper’s books. I called him and he said that he could take care of my problem. I spoke with my Voice and Speech Therapist and it turns out that he used to be Dr. Cooper’s student and he encouraged me to visit Dr. Cooper. Dr. Cooper said that my prognosis was excellent. And excellent it was. Within two months the growth was significantly reduced in size and within three months it was gone. Dr. Cooper works differently in that he could trace my problem to the way I spoke and he taught me to speak correctly. And that has worked for me beautifully.

I feel lucky indeed because I was desperate, on the verge of going on disability, and he saved my voice. No injections, no deadly silence, but self-healing by speaking correctly. Instead of being on disability, I am enjoying life and my career. I would strongly suggest that you visit Dr. Cooper before submitting yourself to any other treatment i.e. botulinum toxin, operations, etc. He is great.

Senior Director of Business Development