Norma Young

Still Cured After 30 YearsApril 20, 2004

My name is Norma Young, a former patient of Dr. Morton Cooper

When I lost my voice I was devastated and so embarrassed I couldn’t handle it.

Then I met Dr. Cooper at his office and I was so impressed by him – he gave me the hope I needed. I couldn’t wait to get started. I worked hard at my lessons and put up with the pain.

Dr. Cooper would listen to that horrible voice I had. I was so embarrassed, you can’t imagine. He was so patient with me. I was always complaining I sounded too loud or when will I sing again – and he would tell me over and over again that when my speaking voice would heal, my singing voice would heal, and I believed him. I truly did. And that’s what happened.

What a Wonderful Doctor. He is very special to me. He healed my throat and I can sing again. And every time I do I think about him. He made it possible. He taught me what to do and I did it, and it worked. Truthfully, I never thought of giving up, not even with all the pain. I trusted Dr. Cooper and that’s the truth. The first time I met him I knew he was going to help me. And he did. He’s fantastic.

Thank you Dr. Cooper, so much.

Norma Young