Dr. Cooper has solved the medical spasmodic mystery by a simple and unique voice solution called Direct Voice Rehabilitation. He has been reporting cures, recoveries, and improvements for all types of Spasmodic Dysphonia for over 25 years. Dr. Cooper has altered the lives of so many people. Read the testimonials below from his biggest fans—his patients!

Gerald Harsen

— March 19, 1998

Dear Dr. Cooper: The purpose of this letter is to provide you with testimony about my personal experience with abductor spasmodic dysphonia. You have my permission to reproduce it and use it in any way you believe to be appropriate as an aid in helping others with this condition. My condition was diagnosed in January […]

Dr. Mort Cooper has helped thousands of people change their life by changing their voice. I’ve observed him first-hand working with his patients. He seems to make miracles happen! When I was cast to play Hamlet at a local theatre, I flew out to see him in Los Angeles for voice coaching. He showed me […]

Rabbi Alan Green

— October 31, 1997

Dear Mort, Just a note to let you know in writing the great news that I am now 100% free of the effects of spasmodic dysphonia. My freedom from the symptoms of “strangled voice” is such that even with a case of mild laryngitis during the recent YOM KIPPUR holiday, my comments and sermons were […]

September 2004 I was diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia two years ago. My doctor informed me that there was no cure for this problem, only treatment (Botox injections) . After several of these injections, thousands of dollars in expenses, and no end in sight, I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Coopers website. His claims of […]

Dear Dr. Cooper: I have just celebrated my 85th birthday and as I sat around discussing the past with some of my friends, I was astounded at the number of people that have had a profound affect on my life, both good and bad. You, sir are one of the good ones. In all of […]

Sonia Frantz

— November 28, 1994

32-Year Update

Dear Dr. Cooper: I saw you on the “Crusaders” on TV the other night and you looked great. I knew I would have to contact you, as although I haven’t seen you in many years, you have always been in my prayers. You are wonderful and have done wonderful things for me. Let me start […]

BJ Foxley

— December 6, 2000

If you have Spastic Dysphonia (SD) and are looking for relief from this awful and debilitating condition please take a moment to read this letter in it’s entirety. I also had SD, and this is my account of how I recovered my voice through Dr. Cooper’s Direct Voice Rehab program. I want to share with […]

John Fonville's Botox experience at the Wake Forest Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC

On Thursday, December 7, 2000 at 9:45 a.m., I had an appointment to see Dr. Jim Thompson, Dean of the Wake Forest Medical Center, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I made the appointment because of the sudden inability to clearly speak. After meeting with Dr. Thompson for about 10 minutes, he immediately referred me to Dr. […]

Adam Field

— October 2003

Who says you can't beat SD?

I Worked in Air Traffic Control for 9 years and never had SD. I was also working part time as a Flying Instructor and Commercial pilot. I got SD 13 months after starting work as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher for the Ambulance service. Having taken 26,000 calls in that time and working over 260 hours […]

2-Year Update

For years I had problems with my voice. I noticed that after talking normally for 20 – 30 minutes, I would start to get hoarse and my throat would get tight. If I would speak with any emotion or raise my voice slightly I would lose my voice almost completely and at best be able […]