Dr. Cooper has solved the medical spasmodic mystery by a simple and unique voice solution called Direct Voice Rehabilitation. He has been reporting cures, recoveries, and improvements for all types of Spasmodic Dysphonia for over 25 years. Dr. Cooper has altered the lives of so many people. Read the testimonials below from his biggest fans—his patients!

Dear Dr. Cooper, In 1995 after giving birth to my first child I slowly noticed that my voice was different. At first I thought it was a result of the difficult delivery that I had and 20 hours of labor. Gradually it began to get worse and people began to notice. I eventually went to […]

Rev. Joel Elowsky, Ph.D.

— October 24, 2009

Dear Doctor Cooper, I hope this letter finds you well. Enclosed, please find a tape of a sermon I gave recently at a small church in North Jersey. I have been preaching now for the past year and have also been able to present major papers at conferences here and in Brazil and Africa—something I […]

Dear Dr. Cooper, It is now well over a year since my last appointment with you and I can say in all honesty that you gave me my voice back for the long haul! I have found that I catch the warning signs much more quickly now when my voice is getting abused again. Especially […]

17-Year Update

In April 1995, upon referral from my family care physician, I went to see an otolaryngologist in Oregon to address the chronic hoarseness in my voice, with the feeling of ‘a lump in the throat’ and occasional ‘voice just going out’ which I had been experiencing. As an educator this illness was particularly difficult. Dr. […]

Excellent Voice Recovering from surgery to remove a tumor from the thyroid gland, Dr. R. found his voice was hoarse, lacked carrying power, and faded or failed within a few minutes of conversation. Rather than have a teflon injection into the paralyzed vocal cord, Dr. R. elected to try direct voice rehabilitation. His surgeon, William […]

Tom Donovan

— January 10, 2005

Dear Doctor Cooper: As we discussed I have attempted to outline my past and present situation relative to my voice problems. As you recall I was diagnosed with SD about 6 years ago by Dr. Bastian and then again by Dr. Brin. I went thru a course of Botox injections first under Bastian, (12 botox […]

Dave Walsh

— August 23, 2010

How I got cured of my Spasmodic Dysphonia with Dr. Mort Cooper.

I’m a voiceover actor and have been living with Spasmodic Dysphonia for over ten years. Since my voice is my livelihood, being struck with this condition severely compromised my career, my self-esteem and self-confidence about this business that I love. Prior to working with Dr. Cooper, my life was filled with vocal struggle and pain, […]

David K.

— June 17, 1997 (received)

2-Year Update

Dear Dr. Cooper, I thought I would write and tell you about my progress since I left the U.S. You can add my letter to your already thick file of testimonials. Six months ago I could not speak for more than a few seconds without experiencing pain in my throat, jaw and the base of […]

2-Year Update

I think my voice is quite a bit better than when I first went to see you. I am very glad I went to see you…my quality of life has improved by leaps and bounds. Thanks for your help and concern. D.H.

Betty Cureton
Betty Cureton

— September 8, 2003

2003 Update: 90% Success

I sure am glad to know that you are doing well and still helping people with their voice problems. I am very glad that you are now helping another person from Tallahassee with SD and such a nice person as that – John Paul Walters (see John Paul Walters glowing testimonial). Why does this condition […]