Dr. Cooper has solved the medical spasmodic mystery by a simple and unique voice solution called Direct Voice Rehabilitation. He has been reporting cures, recoveries, and improvements for all types of Spasmodic Dysphonia for over 25 years. Dr. Cooper has altered the lives of so many people. Read the testimonials below from his biggest fans—his patients!

Dr. Cooper is responsible for my regaining my voice and being able to return to my public speaking activities. His methods are sound and extremely effective. I would encourage anyone who is experiencing voice problems to see him first. I predict that there will be no need to see anyone else. William E. Coffman William […]

Claudia Cismondi

— July 2007

When I finally made the commitment to work with Dr. Cooper in Los Angeles I could barley talk. My voice was severely strangled and my voice mechanics were completely out of whack. It was impossible for me to have a normal effortless conversation. As of January of 2007, I had nearly given up hope that I would […]

Ronda Clarke

— May 2000

My story begins perhaps like most others.well, almost! At close to 50 years old I made a career change and moved from sea level to the high dessert to pursue a life long dream to sing with a band. For six months I enjoyed my new life, singing most every weekend. Suddenly I found myself […]

Thirty-three years ago my voice changed forever. I developed spastic dysphonia. It all started after a tonsillectomy and adenectomy, followed by a weird virus that lasted for months. My throat always hurt. I hacked and coughed. Tormented by frequent bouts of laryngitis, I consulted an otolaryngologist who diagnosed the malady as allergies. My voice wasn’t […]

Ginger Chang

— August 23, 1999

Remains cured of SD 2.5 years after DVR remains cured of SD.

I was told that I was born with Spasmodic Dysphonia and it’s incurable. I noticed around November of 1997 I had a hard time speaking. My throat felt really tight and it was clinched off so much that I couldn’t even get my breath out. I didn’t understand what was happening to me and just […]

Letter from Mr. Cameron to Ms. Jane Brody (Correspondent for the New York Times)

I am writing to you concerning what I believe to be a very important story. It is a story about conquering illness and coping with the medical establishment and their poor understanding of an ailment. It is also a story of complete recovery for many previously diagnosed, ‘hopeless’ cases. It is most of all a […]


— August 21, 2009

Dr. Cooper, I know people will be skeptical, because it is hard to trust what anyone says these days. I was initially a bit skeptical and I think that’s normal.. It’s been a while since I emailed you so I thought I’d give you an update. There is absolutely no comparison to the sound of […]

John Brunelle

— March 16, 2005

Dear Dr. Cooper, I am writing this correspondence to let you know that beyond what is said in the medical community, I am living proof that your approach to the debilitating affliction of spastic dysphonia is curable. I remember being at the end of my rope with no place to turn when my mother saw you […]

I have had Spasmodic Dysphonia for approximately two and a half years now. I had been advised by several specialists that there was no treatment or cure but that Botox has had some suggestions of limited success. However, due to the fact that I have had severe allergic reactions to medications and toxins, Botox was […]

Bob Berry

— June 8, 2009

Bob Berry’s Account of Spasmodic Dysphonia

During the summer of 2006 I began to have difficulty saying some words and numbers. I thought it was just allergies and would get better, but it got worse. I went to Dr. Jebeles, an ENT in the Birmingham, AL area. He said the problem was caused by acid reflux and gave me a prescription […]