Professor Thomas S. Johnson

Dear Dr. Cooper,

Thank you for sending a copy of your most recent book, Stop Committing Voice Suicide. I was very pleased to receive it today and was able to read it completely while watching my Anatomy of Speech and Hearing students in two sections take an examination on the respiratory system.

I must tell you, I was impressed with the book and I am going to require it as required reading for my ComD 681 course on voice disorders this winter quarter. In fact, I have already submitted the order through the University Bookstore to have them ready for winter term.

I must also tell you that I have been skeptical of your work and of your claims of success, but I have learned over a long history of treating voice problems, that a great deal of what you have said is “right-on target” and I believe your new book will serve as a valuable resource for self-help and for bringing “reality” to the preparation of future speech-language pathologists. I resonate completely with your stated need to “simplify,” and I believe you have done that very well.

Thomas S. Johnson, Ph.D.
Professor and Head
Utah State University
Department of Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education