Rabbi Alan Green

October 31, 1997

Dear Mort,

Just a note to let you know in writing the great news that I am now 100% free of the effects of spasmodic dysphonia. My freedom from the symptoms of “strangled voice” is such that even with a case of mild laryngitis during the recent YOM KIPPUR holiday, my comments and sermons were easily heard by the entire congregation.

I want to emphasize that I owe my entire recovery to your simple technique of Direct Voice Rehabilitation, and the patient, but persistent way you applied it throughout the three years that I visited you, from 1989 to 1992. Direct Voice Rehabilitation saved my career as a rabbi and, who knows, maybe even my life as well.

Everyone suffering from spasmodic dysphonia should know that invasive, ineffective medical procedures such as injections and surgery are not necessary. 1, and many others like me, are living proof that full recovery of one’s voice through Direct Voice Rehabilitation is a reality. Therefore I would urge anyone in the field of speech, audiology, or with an Ear, Nose and Throat practice to carefully investigate Dr. Cooper’s technique and method.

All best wishes,
Rabbi Alan Green
Alan Green