Rosanne B.

Kids Have Voice Problems Too and Are Cured

It was nice hearing your distinctive voice again. It’s been many years since I brought my two young boys to you for vocal therapy, however the memory remains, since your therapy was so effective. You may recall back some 15 years ago, when I brought my two boys into the doctor for what at the time was severe hoarseness.

At first I thought it was their allergies but the doctor told me they had vocal nodules and would need surgery to correct the problem. He went on to say they would need therapy to correct the way they used their voices. I can’t recall how I came to your office, however I’m grateful I did. They began therapy with you and of course you know that surgery ultimately was not necessary.

When I asked my young sons what this doctor was teaching you, my youngest son Jeremy, now 23 told me “Oh nothing much mom, he tells me to hum and then takes me to McDonalds.” At the time I thought it was odd, this humming thing, but as I look back it makes sense. When I look back on some of the experiences I had as a single parent in Los Angeles, I’m grateful to you for fixing my boys vocal problems and spending quality time with them at a time in their lives when it had great meaning.

You have my permission to share this story in print or otherwise, since it is so simple and out of the “mouth of babes”.

Thank you for everything, and good luck with your work!

Rosanne B.