Rudiger and Laurie Wolf

December 13, 1997

Dear Dr. Cooper,

Thank you for the return of my wife’s voice. I am writing this letter so you can post it on your web site, and perhaps our story can help others with Spasmodic Dysphonia get real help to correct their voices.

Our story begins in January, 1997, when Laurie’s voice became almost inaudible due to a cold. This happens occasionally, and we thought nothing of it. After a few weeks, her cold was gone. So was her voice. Unlike previous occurrences, this time her voice did not return to normal.

After four months of trying various home remedies, we turned to our family physician. He recommended a specialist. The specialist recognized abnormal behavior of the vocal cords, but felt rest would provide the answer. Laurie’s voice did not improve over the next several weeks

In July, Laurie was referred to Dr. Truong, who suspected the diagnosis of Spasmodic Dysphonia, and scheduled Laurie for her first Botulism Toxin treatment in two days.

The thought of having a lethal toxin injected directly into Laurie’s vocal cords left us frantic. How would they know the dosage? What are the side effects? What is the success rate? How does this address the root cause? To quote Dr. T. “I suspect the patient has spasmodic dysphonia … a vagus nerve block will improve her condition for about 5 minutes, but it will confirm the diagnosis”. So what happens afterward?

In our intemet-based research, we found botulism toxin is the accepted medical treatment for spasmodic dysphonia. What we had to look forward to was painful, ineffectual treatment of symptons, with an injection every three to six months for the rest of her life. According to statements made to us by “victims” of these treatments, the treatments are painful and ineffectual. Apparently, “modem medicine” hasn’t found the cure. Instead, there appear to be a number of “experts” prescribing repetitive, expensive, painful and problematic treatment for symptons. [sic]

We found you through your intemet site. After spending an hour with us (45 minutes more than Dr. T.!) you suggested and delivered a better alternative.

It is now December, ’97. Instead of looking forward to another dreadful toxin injection, Laurie and I are celebrating the Holidays, with her voice returned to full health and vigor. No, it is not the same voice that caused the problem. It is her real voice, the one she was intended to use. The one that you helped her find and use comfortably, effectively.

After five full day visits over the course of six weeks, she is back to normal. No painful injections of lethal toxins. No treatment of symptoms. Rather, you provided the cure to the cause of her condition. At this Holiday time, we are truly grateful to your insight, and hope that our story may encourage others to step away from what is prescribed by “modem medicine”, and to get real help for their tragic malady.

Thank you,
Rudiger and Laurie Wolf
Rudiger and Laurie Wolf