Tom Donovan

January 10, 2005

Dramatic improvement from Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) by DVR

Dear Doctor Cooper:

As we discussed I have attempted to outline my past and present situation relative to my voice problems. As you recall I was diagnosed with SD about 6 years ago by Dr. Bastian and then again by Dr. Brin. I went thru a course of Botox injections first under Bastian, (12 botox shots) then Brin (5 botox shots). I pingponged between Dr. Bastian and Dr. Brin for a total of 17 Botox shots. My first injection from Dr. Bastian yielded what I would now consider to be excellent results for a period of a little over 6 months. Subsequent botox shots failed to replicate the first excellent result by Dr. Bastian that lasted over six months. The seventeen Botox shots in all covered a period of four years. None of them worked. Most times, the downsides of breathy voice far out-weighted the slight upside I experienced for a short period of time.

I eventually turned to Voice Therapy to overcome my problem, I worked with three top speech pathologists from three major universities without success to regain my voice. In this period I also took singing lessons without success. I tried a whole host of other programs and exercises as recommended by the three speech pathologists (and others). It didn’t help.

In October of 2003, I spent a month in your office working on my problem by DVR. Since that time I practice 5 hours per week on the items you have taught me and use the techniques on a regular basis throughout the day. My voice is not where I would like it, but I have seen a dramatic improvement in my ability to control the problem and can function in most situations, which is a dramatic improvement from my condition prior to working with you and your techniques. If I were to apply a number to my improvement, I would estimate that I have recovered about 70% of the functionality I lost since the onset of my problem.

Tom Donovan