The late Henry Fonda came to me complaining about his strangled voice. Through my program of Direct Voice Rehabilitation, he was able to recover his voice and go on to film On Golden Pond. He received an Academy Award for his role.

The brilliant of Dr. Cooper’s method, is that he doesn’t fix your voice..he teaches you how to fix it yourself. The skills he taught me have absolutely saved my voiceover career. Quite simply, nobody understands the mechanics of the voice like Dr. Cooper. Deciding to work with him may have been the best decision of my career.

Jamie Anderson
Voiceover artist for movie trailers, and TV network promos (September 13, 2010)

After a miserable respiratory flu brought on two bouts of laryngitis, Dr. Cooper helped me regain my confidence to use my voice with power and range. I am grateful for his sensitive and concerned intervention.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Internationally syndicated radio talk show host

Dr. Morton Cooper’s career as one of America’s premier voice therapists is without question. Now his courage is unquestionable. His willingness to challenge the prevailing attitude that dangerous chemicals are THE treatment of choice for spasmodic dysphonia for life, and no cures ever. Dr. Cooper has irrefutable research and a long list of cures without drugs. A must read if you care about your voice.

Bob Navarro
Journalist, CBS & NBC News

Dr. Mort Cooper saved my voice, enhanced my ability to speak on the international stage, and helped me give voice to my passions. I am eternally grateful to him. I was delighted with how quickly Dr. Cooper helped me regain my voice and my life. Dr. Cooper knows how to cure ‘strangled voice’ effectively, painlessly and the cure is lasting

Joyce Kovelman, Ph.D.

My voice was becoming strangled. Dr. Cooper’s techniques changed my whole approach to using my voice. It was astoundingly, hilariously simple and logical and it worked.

Shadoe Stevens
TV/Radio Personality and Producer

I’m a fan of your work, and I’ve heard great things about you”

Roger Ailes
Chairman and CEO of Fox Network News

He added 20 years to my singing voice

Jerome Hines

…Dr. Cooper’s techniques changed my whole approach to using my voice. Almost by magic, my voice problems disappeared…Dr. Cooper is the real deal

Shadoe Stevens
TV/Radio Personality – Cured of SD for over 20 years

…Before you think of surgery, think of Dr. Cooper’s ‘magic’ cure; it even astounds the doctors…

Gershon Lesser, M.D.
Host of “The Health Connection”

Dr. Cooper is terrific. He has done wonders with my voice. Now if he can only do something with the other parts of my body.

Jan Murray

Dr. Cooper put me on the right track — for a better voice.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee