Is your voice damaging your career? Is your voice killing your personality?

Dr. Cooper has been reporting cures and recoveries from Spasmodic and Spastic Dysphonia (commonly known as Strangled Voice), both abductor and adductor, using a non-medical approach called Direct Voice Rehabilitation (DVR), and has been doing so for over 30 years.

His book “Curing Hopeless Voices” describes his groundbreaking, clinically-proven direct voice treatment for Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) and other voice disorders. This book is a journey through today’s medical/pharmaceutical complex, which has been using Botox, surgery, and indirect voice or speech therapy to treat SD. Yet in the 135 years since this problem was first diagnosed, medical treatments have not found any cures for this dreaded condition.

Medical professionals and academicians are humane, well-intentioned and compassionate in treating SD, but they are on the wrong road. Dr. Cooper is the only doctor in the world reporting and documenting peer-reviewed cures of SD (in 1980 by one of the world’s leading speech pathology associations, the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics). He has also published extensively about other voice problems that can be cured with DVR, including Bowed Vocal Cords, Contact Ulcers, Papillomatosis, Leukoplakia and Keratosis, Polyps and Nodules, Muscle Tension, and Paralytic Dysphonia.

Dr. Cooper discovered this remarkable, natural, non-medical SD cure after leaving UCLA Medical Center to concentrate on his private practice. His Direct Voice Rehabilitation for SD is a proven alternative to a lifetime use of Botox and also the only treatment that has provided cures.

Despite his successes and cures, his techniques have been largely ignored by the medical community. You can read about Dr. Cooper’s Direct Voice Rehabilitation and learn about the medical community’s use of Botox, in Chapter Two of “Stop Committing Voice Suicide”.

A nationally acclaimed voice and speech clinician, Dr. Cooper is regarded as a pioneer in voice improvement and voice rehabilitation. For his work with celebrities he has been referred to as the “Voice Coach to the Stars.”

Some who have benefited from Dr. Cooper’s expertise include Anne Bancroft, Lucille Ball, Diahann Carroll, Richard Crenna, Kirk Douglas, Keith Erickson, Henry Fonda, Rosey Grier, Jim Harrick, Jerome Hines, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Cheryl Ladd, Robe Lowe, Stevie Nicks, Joan Rivers, Harold Robbins, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Shadoe Stevens, Sela Ward and Dennis Weaver.

Dr. Cooper has worked with doctors, lawyers, executives, secretaries, teachers, students, actors, sales people, TV and Radio personalities, ministers, and homemakers—people from all walks of life.

If you have “hopeless” SD or a troubled voice, this website and Free Downloadable Books will give you invaluable information that could change your life.

Voice Therapy for Transsexuals & Trans-genders

Finding Your True Female Voice

One of the most important things in our society today is to have the voice that represents who we are. You can be very passable in your appearance, but if you speak in a masculine voice you’ve just outed yourself. Finding your true feminine voice is important for passing as female in everyday situations and especially on the phone.

As the Voice Coach to the Stars, Dr. Cooper has worked with many big name Hollywood stars to help them reach their true voice potential. Dr. Cooper has been working with Transsexuals and Trans-genders for over 20 years. Any male voice can be retrained. His coaching methods can help you achieve and maintain your true, natural feminine voice without vocal strain. His method is simple and you will see results.

Contact Dr. Cooper to arrange a phone consultation. You’ve worked hard to be the person you truly are, now you can train your voice to match. Or contact Dr. Cooper through his online contact form.