If you have been suffering from Strangled Voice or SD and feel there is no hope in sight, you have been mis-informed by the medical community.

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Dr. Cooper may help you get your voice back through Direct Voice Rehabilitation. You, the patient, are the key to getting out of Spasmodic Dysphonia. The medical community is hiding the truth.

What you may have not been told by your medical provider:

  1. The New York Times and the entire Medical Establishment guarantee no cures for Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD).
  2. Dr. Cooper clinically finds Botox ineffective for all too many SD patients. This is backed up by emails, phone calls, and in-office SD patient testimonials.
  3. The FDA orders warning labels for Botox.

Now the facts:

  1. Dr. Morton Cooper has been reporting cures for SD for over 35 years.
  2. Dr. Cooper is the only doctor in the world that has been reporting and documenting peer-reviewed cures of SD since 1980.
  3. Medical professionals are well-intentioned in treating SD, but they are on the wrong road.

Your SD problem is simply a bad voice habit due to the wrong use of your voice, not a neurological problem. Dr. Cooper can’t cure a neurological problem, but he can help to cure your bad voice habit!

Dr. Cooper is a remarkable voice and speech doctor who has treated thousands of voice problems with outstanding successes, reporting countless cures, recoveries, and improvements of all types of voice disorders.

He has been in practice for over half a century and has been featured in medical, scientific, and academic journals. His books talk of his many accomplishments—he even sent an open letter to 14,300 Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors to encourage them to reconsider their stance on not treating SD with Direct Voice Rehabilitation.

As the Director of Adults Stutterers Group at Stanford University in 1957, he was able to help cure stuttering according to Dr. Anderson, speech pathology division. Some patients even call Dr. Cooper “A Miracle Voice and Speech Doctor.”

If you have been told that your voice problem is incurable, contact Dr. Cooper for a voice consultation to find out how you can finally have your voice back.

What People Are Saying about Dr. Cooper

Finally! I've found someone who knows what they're doing—he made my voice come alive—it now has so much color—the answer to my prayers! …I walked into his office with a thin nasal voice and am walking out with a sultry, sexy, resonant voice. He's wonderful!

Sela Ward

The McEnroe of voice coaches

Rob Lowe

Mort Cooper is a voice genius. Finding a new method to help people to discover the innate power of their own voices and speech has made him the foremost speech therapist in the world.

Harold Robbins
Best Selling Author

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